# Cloud Applications*

# Glossary

The idea of moving an existing legacy enterprise application to the cloud with little or no code changes.

# Overview

Applications can be broken down into the following subcomponents:

  • Data
  • Functions
  • Processes

# Deployment Pitfalls

The rapid adoption of cloud services has caused a disconnect between providers and developers on how to best meet development requirements. Pitfalls of moving applications to the cloud:

On-premises transfer is a pitfall that occurs when a company transfers its applications and configurations to the cloud. APIs that were developed to use on-premises resources may not function properly in the cloud or provide the appropriate security.

Because it's true.

Not all developers understand the cloud.

For example, the rapid adoption of ever-evolving cloud services may result in outdated documentation or no documentation whatsoever.

Results from when developers and administrators are used to having full access to on-premise components, servers, and network equipment to make integration of services and systems seamless moving to the cloud where access to these types of systems and services are limited. When new applications need to interface with old applications, developers often do not have unrestricted access to the supporting services.

Tenancy separation and the use of secure, validated APIs.