# Data Strategies*

# Glossary

The action of grabbing data and using it without the owner's consent.

# Overview

Individuals who gain unauthorized access to data are the most common and well understood threat to storage. The unauthorized access can be from an outside attacker, a malicious insider, or a user who may not be malicious but still has access to something he or she shouldn't.

# Data Security Strategies

  • Understand data type
  • Understand data structure and format
  • Understand the cloud service models
  • Understand the cloud storage options
  • Understand CSP data residency offering
  • Plan data discovery and classification
  • Define data ownership
  • Plan protection of data controls
  • Plan for ongoing monitoring

# Data Separation Strategies

Data separation should be implemented in a layered approach. The five layers addressed are:

  • Compute nodes
  • Management plane
  • Storage nodes
  • Control plane
  • Network