# Service Level Management (SLM)*

# Acronyms, Abbreviations, and Initialisms

Short Form Full Form
SLM Service Level Management
UC Underpinning Contract

# Glossary

Are we doing the right things properly and are we getting the benefits? Are we going about it in the most efficient manner to achieve the most benefits?

Underpinning contracts are external contracts negotiated between the organization and their vendors or suppliers.

# Overview

Service level management deals with third-party governance.

Service level management aims to negotiate agreements with various parties and to design services in accordance with the agreed-upon service-level targets. Typical negotiated agreements include:

  • Underpinning contracts

# Operational Relationships

Change management must approve changes to all SLAs as well as ensure that the legal function has a chance to review them and offer guidance and direction on the nature and language of the proposed changes prior to them taking place. There should never be a change that is allowed to take place to an SLA that governs a production system unless change management has approved the change first.